Saturday, March 15, 2008

English Muffin Pizzas, Her own Astrological Forecast and Just a Glimpse

This week's Quick and Easy Romance Tip

Three Words - Washable Bathtub Crayons

This week’s Quick and Easy romance tip let’s you be a kid again! All you need are some kids’ toy washable bathtub crayons (make sure they’re washable). Write or draw her something sweet on the walls of the shower so every time she showers that week she will see it and hopefully it’ll put a smile on her face. Quick and Easy.

This week’s video: How to make English Muffin Pizzas

Before I get into the English Muffin Pizzas, I just want to say "thank you" to all of you that have been reading my posts. So "Thanks"

English Muffin Pizzas are very easy to make and they taste delicious. And you can use whatever toppings she likes. The one thing I forgot to tell you in the video is that you should toast your English Muffin before you make it into a pizza. As you can see from the video below Madison and Brooklyn joined in the fun & helped me make the pizzas.

March Madness

Hopefully by now you have your special day picked out and are in the middle of planning it or maybe you even celebrated it already. If you haven’t clued her into the special day that awaits her, below is a fun way to reveal to her that you have a “special” day or something else romantic in the works for her.

Write Her Her Own Astrological Forecast..

This is not as hard as you think. I know very little about astrology and you don’t have to know much either. You just have to use your imagination because everything you write is going to be created by you. First, find an Astrological forecast. You can find one in a newspaper or online. Or, you can do what I did… I bought one of those 99 cents Astrology books that they have in the checkout line of the supermarket. It all comes down to the language you use. Write the way they do but personalize it for your wife. For example, below is one I could write for Laura.

You have much to celebrate during this solar period that features the Sun in your sign.
This solar energy brightens everyone’s aura that you are around especially your loving husband and your
three beautiful daughters.

Your opportunities for romance multiply as Venus and the new moon travel in your sign.
Turn on your
charm and let your powers of attraction drive your loving husband crazy.

Your lucky number is: (insert your phone number here) . Call this number today,
tomorrow and forever
whenever you want to hear I love you.

Matters of the heart are second nature to you with Venus, the Universal Planet of Love.
You are
charming, gracious and extremely sexy. Late night reservations have been made for you at Bartonio’s for
dinner/dessert or both when the real energizer of your social life Mars is at its highest peak between the week of March 18th – March 24th. Or any other day or time you want. Just let the author of this astrological forecast know at your earliest convenience.

I love you.


Todd “Aesop” Barton

Have fun with it and put it somewhere she will see or find it.

Just a Glimpse

Madison opened a candle store in London's room and one of Madison's many outfits.

Brooklyn with some wild flowers she picked in the yard.

London, Mommy and Daddy walking in the park

Have a great week.



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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bathtub crayon idea. wish my hubby was this creative. i will definitely send him the blog.